Jr. High Alive Camp Schedule

Here’s another event schedule from Jr. High Alive, a summer camp at Beulah in Eldorado, IL.  Harvest led the worship music each morning and evening.  We also led a seminar during the day on worship and led the campfire devotions each night.


10:30 am     Registration and cabin set up

11:45 am     Opening gathering

12:00 noon   Lunch

1:00 pm        Assembly in the Tabernacle

2:00 pm        Group Recreation

4:30 pm        Cabin Cool Down Time

5:00 pm         Dinner

6:00 pm         Evening Activity

7:30 pm         Prayer Circles

7:45 pm         Worship

9:00 pm         Snacks / Devotions

10:00 pm       Cabin Devotions

11:00 pm       Lights Out

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

7:30 am        Prayer in chapel

8:00 am        Breakfast

8:30 am        Clean cabin

9:00 am        Morning worship

9:45 am        Cabin Groups

10:30 am       Seminars

11:30 am       Lunch Assembly

12:00 noon   Lunch

1:00 pm        Group Recreation

4:30 pm         Cabin Cool Down Time

5:00 pm         Dinner

6:00 pm         Evening Activity (Swimming, Sports, Talent Show, Movie, etc)

7:30 pm         Prayer Circles (before worship in cabin groups)

7:45 pm        Worship

9:00 pm        Snacks and campfire devotions (communion on Friday night)

10:00 pm      In cabin

11:00 pm      Lights Out


Camp concludes after morning worship.

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