Jobs I’ve Had (and what I’ve learned)

The other day, at a men’s breakfast, we talked about how many jobs we’ve had in life. A couple people had a bunch and a some only a handful. It triggered me to think about the jobs I’ve held and things I’ve learned from them.

Custodian (1985-1986)

St. Matthew Day Care, St. Matthew UMC, Belleville, IL.

  • Along with my younger brother, who at two years younger was in sixth grade at the time, we cleaned, vacuumed, took out the trash, mopped floors and reset the rooms every day of the week.
  • Learned the value of work, scheduling and discipline.
  • Learned what happens when you let hamsters out of cages in a large, crowded room and when you cook a banana in a microwave for a long time.
  • Learned about getting a paycheck and made lots of memories.
  • Special thanks to my mom who helped some late nights!
  • A big shout out to St. Matts for their ongoing culture of turning out students and young adults who have had incredible ministry experience.

Owner, Tim Price Lawn Care (1985-1990)

  • Mowed yards, scheduled and cared for customers.
  • Spent time talking to people and learned about negotiating and collecting pay.
  • Learned what it means to be self-motivated with initiative and discipline.
  • At the peak, mowed between 23-25 yards per week.

Tim Price Music Ministry (1990 – 1996)

  • Wrote, performed and led music at churches, camps and retreats.
  • Scheduled and planned concerts and events.
  • Learned about promotion, communication, scheduling, and finances.
  • Connected with and built relationships with Midwest pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Recorded two albums of original music.
  • One of my big goals during the summer of 1995 was to book so many events that I didn’t go home at all during the month of July. I learned the art of asking.
  • A big thanks to all the camps, churches and conferences who invited me back then – and now!

Student Worker Maintenence Staff (1991-1993)

  • Served as a student worker on the McKendree University Maintenance Staff.
  • Mowed, trimmed, fixed, set up, tore down, cleaned and organized.
  • Learned the value of working with a boss and coworkers, of a schedule and of a team.
  • Learned great life lessons from guys in the trenches of “day jobs.”
  • Thankful for the money earned to help pay for school.

Youth Ministry Intern (Summer of 1993)

  • First Baptist Church Of Carrolton, IL
  • Served in full-time youth ministry leadership for three months.
  • Planned the schedule, trips, missions and weekly lessons.
  • Served in Sunday worship ministry, music, and occasional preaching.
  • Enjoyed the opportunity to be given the reigns of ministry and learned that I love starting new things.
  • A big thanks to Carrolton FBC – it’s still fun to hear updates here and there about the ministry!

Student Ministry Pastor (1993-1994)

  • St. Paul Rosewood Heights, East Alton, IL
  • Filled in for one year in between youth pastors.
  • I learned the value of church staff ministry aside from my home church.
  • Learned the value and fulfillment of relational ministry with students.
  • Thanks to Pastor Ed (who was pastor then) and the whole St. Paul congregation for their continued faithfulness.

Director of Harvest Ministry (1996 – Present)

  • A 501 C 3 Non Profit ministry based in Troy, IL.
  • Became the founding director in 1996.
  • Have traveled through the Midwest leading worship and providing other leadership for hundreds of conferences, retreats, camps and churches.
  • Have enjoyed connecting with and leading approximately 300 young adults on Harvest Teams to not only share the gospel message but equip young leaders on the go.
  • Have recorded several albums of music with the help of team members.
  • Helped develop conferences and events that have built a structure of reaching the next generation for Christ.
  • Created resources to encourage and equip ministry leaders, pastors, and church staff.
  • Have connected with and been blessed through the generosity of an incredible team of people who help support the ministry financially.
  • I have learned over these years that God provides and that the church is huge. I’m still learning a lot of about vision, longevity in ministry, and that it’s easier to start something, at least for me, than to change something. I’m also learning about God’s calling on our lives, how it keep us moving forward, and I’m having a blast!

Worship Ministry, Troy UMC (1998 – Present)

  • Troy United Methodist Church, Troy, IL
  • Served as the Director of Lay Ministry, primarily planning for and leading overall midweek ministry (1998-2003).
  • Transitioned to worship ministry leadership to help oversee a newer style of worship service (2004).
  • Currently serve overseeing the worship bands and teams, tech teams and Sunday morning hospitality teams.
  • Been learning what it means to be grounded in a church for the long haul, and what it means for relationships and leadership.
  • Enjoy the benefit of being grounded in a home church while still being available to serve the greater church.
  • Thankful my whole family gets to experience a church faithful to the mission – in a variety of ways.
  • Enjoy working with a great pastor and staff team (and had the benefit and unique situation of working alongside my dad when he was pastor at Troy UMC for 29 years before he retired).

What was your first job? How many jobs have you had?

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