Infuse Boldness With These Two Questions

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There are times when we need be bold.  Not in a loud, obtrusive or otherwise bumper sticker way. But a boldness that comes from within us. A boldness that causes us to act on what is right and good.  A boldness that sees fear as a stepping stone to growth and not as a hindrance.  I once read this quote: “Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.”  – Baltasar Gracian

In the book of Joshua, we find God’s word urging us to be strong and courageous!  We are called to be bold. Joshua 1:9

Have you sensed God calling you to something?  Have you been frightened to move forward?  Have you been hesitant to answer the call of God as he has tapped you on the shoulder for something? Have you been timid?

God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and self discipline.  We need to trust Him to be at work in us! Take the bold and courageous steps to be all He wants you to become.

A few years back, I was invited out of the country to help equip and train worship leaders in Asia. I hesitated when I got the invitation.  To say I really wasn’t all that thrilled about flying that far is an understatement.  I dragged my feet with the details, emails and my response.  Can I lead a team to do this? Should I lead a team to do this? Am I qualified? As I spent time in prayer regarding this opportunity, a couple questions surfaced for me.

1) How will you feel after you are you done?

2) How will you feel if you don’t do it at all?

Those questions gripped me.  I knew that after I came home from such a trip, the Lord would have used me and I would be grateful for the experience and the blessing.  I also knew that if I didn’t go at all, it would hang over me the rest of my life.  I even told my wife that when I was 80, should I be blessed to live that long, I would look back at this moment and either say, yes, I was faithful or I would have to wonder “What if I had been more bold?”  I knew I had to rely on God’s faithfulness.

So, I went, had a great trip, incredible ministry opportunities and enjoyed the journey.  I praise the Lord for the act of boldness he placed in me in that moment.

Where do you need boldness today?  These two questions work in most any situation which requires boldness:  1) How will I feel afterwards? and 2) What if I don’t do this at all?

Robert Frost said, “freedom lies in being bold.”  I’m sure this famous poet’s quote could be taken many different ways, but for me it says that when we act on courage and faith, trusting in God, we experience freedom.

What areas of your life can you infuse with boldness today?


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