I Wonder What They Think Of Me…

bobandfacebookEvery once in a while,  I run into someone who was a kid when I led worship at a camp, and now they are grown up and serving in some ministry role, playing music, or walking in the faith.  I sort of relish the opportunity I had to play a role in their life.  I’m thankful our paths crossed.  And, though I don’t take the credit, I do claim to have “known them back then” and it’s encouraging to see they are walking in faith.

It dawned on me today that there may be people who think that about me.  They may have known me a long time ago, prayed for me when I was younger or any number of other connections.  They may have that same feeling of thankfulness and gratitude as they reflect on the role they’ve played in my life.

I just noticed that Rev. Robert Souders, who was the pastor of St. Matthew UMC, the church I attended from 5th grade through 11th grade (while my dad was an associate pastor) liked something I posted on Facebook.  It wasn’t a big Facebook thing.  I just happened to say “happy birthday” to another guy who also grew up at St. Matt’s in that general era.

He noticed that I posted “Happy Birthday” to another, at one time young adult from that same church – where he was pastor for 30 years. “Hey, I knew those two guys way back when and now they are both involved in ministry, walking in faith.”  I can’t put words in his mouth, the thought just crossed my mind.

Thanks, Bob!  You’ve been a faithful witness of Christ.  And of all the people in the world, you’re the only who seemed to care if I said “Happy Birthday” to David Hicks or not.  Blessings on you!


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