How You Can Increase Contentment By Working With What You’ve Been Given

Succeed with what you have been given.

Succeed in the church you are in, with the people you have on your team, with your God given gifts and graces and the structure you’re in.

Don’t spend time complaining and comparing. Instead, develop and use your creativity. Bring clarity to your ministry and mission. Ask the Lord to give you confidence to lead well in your ministry and calling.

Then you will see your contentment level change.


How can you do this?

Trust God

Trust that God has you where He wants you.

Make Decisions

Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Make a decision one way or the other and go with it. Half the battle is just deciding. Most people on your team just want to know what you’re going for.

Don’t Compare

Comparison steals your joy and your contentment. When you’re eyes are on what others have, you quickly start thinking that you’re getting the short end of the stick.

Stay Grounded

Keep your heart focused on God’s word. Trust that God’s Holy Spirit is as work in you. Spend time in prayer, especially when you begin feeling discontentment.

Build a Team

Team members can help shoulder the load, bring about new ideas, help get work accomplished and make it more fun. The destination is important, but don’t miss the journey. Serving with others is one of the big joys of ministry and can be fulfilling even if you don’t see it all happen.

Get New Ideas

Don’t think that new and creative ideas are only for others.  You can learn to develop new ideas. Practice doing it. Ideas don’t have to always be good. Think of something new today and do it.

Have a Vision

When you have a vision out there, it’s easier to get through the daily grind and rough patches along the way. You’re here now, but at some point, if you keep at it, and by God’s grace, you’ll be able to realize the vision you have for your ministry and for your life. Be content with the steps you’re taking to get there.

Enjoy It

Enjoy where God has planted you. I know it’s easy to read it, say it or tell someone else to do it, but really it’s true. Take a deep breath. You’re alive. You have opportunities. You can praise God and serve his people. Don’t miss the joy in life, in your home, friends and families.  Look for ways your joy can bubble up and out!

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