High Performing Teams Need the Pillar of “Esprit De Corps”

Esprit De Corps is all about the “group spirit” of your team. Without this pillar of high-performance teams, you won’t achieve your fullest potential. “Esprit de corps” adds the component of the heart when combined with the other two pillars – selection of team members and training.

“Esprit de corps” means having a heart for the mission, for the part you play, and for the people around you. Without an inner desire to see the mission thrive, it will be difficult for each individual to rally together. You need this group spirit.

As Mark Miller says in his book, The Secret of Teams:

“Your team will never perform at the highest possible level if the members of the team don’t exhibit genuine care and concern for one another.”

Esprit De corps means being unified in the mission, and genuinely caring about the people with whom you are serving.

When your team cares about the success and well-being of each other, they begin taking things to a new level. Team members have the attitude of sacrifice and a willingness to learn; do their best work; and help others in need.

This phrase resonated with me because I’ve seen the concept play out countless times. Putting a name to it is a huge part of helping people see it, live into it, and experience it.

Esprit De Corps.

How can you help your team get Esprit De Corps into their DNA?


A team must grow with each other. In addition to the task at hand or project to accomplish, the team must experience community together. This can be as simple as sharing about life around the table before getting down to business, or being together for meals or activities outside of the work or ministry project.


Working together and working hard on each person’s part helps build a solid group spirit.


It’s important to let others know when you’ve failed, are hurting, or are in need. Confession of vulnerabilities helps to grow the team spirit.


Truly caring for your team members adds huge value. It places priority on authentic care and concern – offering help, a listening ear, or leniency to each other.

When you truly get your team to understand the power of Esprit De Corps, you’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished together.

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