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model2There’s a little model that we created in Harvest Ministry to help understand how we want each Harvest Team Member to be shaped and formed.  We want to be molded in Christ-likeness – as fully equipped leaders. Team members are invited into the circle of being formed.  It’s not a cookie cutter mold.  The team doesn’t have to get into a straight line behind the leader and become something they are not.  It’s a circle with opportunities to grow as God has called us. And as we move forward during the summer ministry (or any ministry together) we are being formed. We are working to  develop the gifts God has given us.  Moving from place to place during the summer ministry allows each team member to experience many different aspects to the body of Christ.

Here’s our simple model – we ask each person to commit to walking toward these things as ministry leaders:

1)  Personal growth and relationship with God – This encompasses so much but it starts with a willing heart.  A desire to be teachable, to grow in the grace of the Lord, to mature in faith, to be in God’s Word and to put trust in Christ.

2)  Excellence in spiritual leadership – Leadership is important.  But spiritual leadership is so important.  It’s at the core of what people need.  We want Harvest to be humbly confident in leading people in prayer, in worship and in Scripture.

3) Solid character & integrity – As obvious as this sounds, it’s a something we work with all our lives.  It’s built as time goes on.  And especially for the longevity of a ministry with children and youth – there has to be a high level of character, integrity and accountability.

4) Discipline & time management – Ministry is unique in the sense that there aren’t set hours.  There are always opportunities to do more and if you don’t prioritize the work, it will overwhelm you.  Mastering your schedule and time is critical to being effective and not burning out.

5) Professionalism in speech, dress and punctuality – These are three examples of outward signs indicating you are on top of your game.  Look alert and ready.  Be on time for people and for events.  And don’t allow your speech to close doors.  Build people up.  Don’t gossip.

6) People skills and flexibility – If there’s anything you need as you travel in close proximity with a worship band, it’s flexibility.  Flexibility is good to learn for life.    You never quite know what you are stepping into as you show up to a camp or event for ministry.  The sound is always different, the schedule is always different and the people are different.  It rarely goes 100% as planned.

7) Problem solving & decision making – As a ministry leader, we have to solve problems and make decisions effectively.  We don’t want to waste time by allow decisions to overtake us.  Leaders need to take control and make it happen.


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