Great Quotes From Beulah Sermons

beulahIt’s been a great week at Beulah Camp in Eldorado, IL.  Here are some of the one line quotes from the messages from Rev. Atkins and Rev. Jones so far:

“The best ministry we can do is to reproduce others in ministry and leadership.”

“Make an attempt for the kingdom of God.”

“Let God catch you.”

“Don’t let finances block your obedience… Let God do a big fish story in you!”

“Jesus instructed to use a net – expectation for the masses.  Otherwise, he would have just talked about a pole.”

“You may have the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit may not have all of you.”

“There is no sin that God cannot forgive.”

“If you seek God’s hand you won’t have it.  If you seek God’s face, you will have both God and his provision.”

“God will use a small vessel, but he won’t use a dirty one.”

“Sin keeps us from God. We must know that sin keeps us from God.”

“Revival: We can’t do it on our own.  We need to pray for it.  We need it.”




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