Goreville and Blue Mound

Last week, Harvest led worship for two different youth events.  ReKindling is a monthly regional wide, multi-denominational event in Southern Illinois.  It happens six times per year (Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov) and is hosted at a different church each time, this time being at First Baptist Church in Goreville, IL.  The church was very hospitable providing supper for our team and food for the whole event following the worship service.  There tons of students there.  The Harvest Team was me, Rachel Gunn, Brian Donelson and Nick Boles.  We appreciate Alan Milligan inviting us to serve there and for his ministry in getting these community worship events organized! Great going! Also thanks to Brian and the rest of the Goreville FBC team!

Sunday night, we led worship for a youth event in Blue Mound.  Each year, for the last five years, Harvest has led music, games and  worship service during a lock-in they have on President’s Day Weekend.  In a town of about 1200 people there were 96 students in attendance for the event – the church was packed.  There were also lots of adults helping with food, organization, etc.  It was a great bunch and a great time of ministry!  The Harvest Team for the evening was me, Tyler Lynn, Bonnie Pocklington, Chase Weber and Ben Sanborne.  We got home about 1:00 am Sunday night. Thanks to Annette and the other organizers of this event and ministry!

It’s been a week of seeing how communities can reach out to students.  It’s a reminder that our ministry to students isn’t just to the kids who are in our church, but to the youth in our community.  Look around your town – that’s the ministry field. Think of ways to help your students invite friends and help create things for them to be invited to.

At both events, I had the privilege of sharing the message and used John 1 when people followed Jesus in four distinct ways.  It’s my prayer for those students to follow Jesus humbly, willingly, faithfully and eternally.


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