Freezing Cold…

josh-at-lake-miOn a visit to beautiful Lake Michigan, we walked out onto the pier. We took a few pictures, talked about how big the lake was and just stood around. Our group, along with Mark, the bass player at CrossWind Chuch, even talked about how sometimes people get hurt jumping from the pier.

As we faced the opposite way, we heard a “kersplash” and looked around to see one of four high school girls in the water below. And then we noticed a ladder on the side.

Not two minutes later, our group began to jump into the freezing cold Lake Michigan water. What hadn’t even crossed our minds all of sudden seemed really fun.

It’s like that sometimes. Following someone’s lead on a adventure like that is much like faith – it’s so much easier to see than to explain. It was a fun day at the beach. This afternoon, we will continue to plan and get ready for tonight’s sports camp.

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