Five Ways Ministry Events Can Help Your Church Thrive

For several years, Harvest Conferences has been in existence to provide opportunities for children, students, and leaders to grow. You may be tired of hearing me say this, but gathering with the larger church is part of a healthy plan for anyone in your congregation, especially the younger generations.  Day in and day out discipleship, community, and connections in a local church is of utmost importance,  but outside opportunities provide a powerful balance.  As they say on cereal boxes, it’s part of a healthy diet.  Read: Why Large Events Will Always Be A Part Of The Church. 

I read quotes from people or hear speakers mention time and time again how their lives were changed in one moment while listening to a speaker or preacher at a special event or conference.  I’m grateful for the opportunities we have had in participating in those moments for children, students and adults over the years. Read: Do you students really need to attend another conference? 

Here are five ways attending (or hosting) a large ministry event can help your church…

Gives You a Reason to Call People Personally and Invite

An invitation is a powerful tool.  When you call someone and ask them to attend a conference or ministry event with you, there is a ton of good that comes from that, even if that person can’t make it.  It opens the door.

Gives Leaders an Opportunity to Interact with Their People Outside of Regular Church Times

If you are a leader, taking a group or a team to a conference or event is a great way to spur conversation and vision.  A bi-product is relational building times as you travel, fellowship, and learn together.  Think about it for a moment.  If you are in attendance at a day-long event together, you’ve just had 10-12 hours of time to visit, share and learn together.  That’s equivalent to three months of Sundays!


Gives Students and Adults an Opportunity to See the Church in a Broader Perspective

It’s good for people to see the larger church.  It’s good for people to network and discovers others, like them, who are serving, leading, and learning in and through the church.

Helps Create a Starting Point for Conversations and Connections

When you have a common memory or knowledge of information, you have a starting point.  Joining together as you listen to a speaker at another event, you hear new stuff, but more often, you hear the same stuff in a new way. When you go back home, you are speaking the same language and that is the first step to building a new culture.

Changes the Lives of the Next Generation

Think back in your own life.  Can you pinpoint the times when the Lord really got a hold of you? Can you think of the time when you felt called to serve in ministry or follow Jesus completely?  Conferences, retreats, and special events are often some critical catalysts in the lives of the next generation.

My goal through Harvest Conferences is the help the church make disciples.

Here are some of the events coming up and you are invited to give them a try!

Fire-Up Sr. High Conference – this discipleship weekend for high school students and their ministry leaders is hosted in Troy, IL.

The Light Kids Conference – this one-day event for children in first – fifth grades, is hosted in locations around Illinois.  Kids enjoy music with Harvest, Bible Buzz, MERGE (hands-on mission and recreation), Entertainment, Lunch, and Creative Teaching Sessions all centered around a different theme each year.

Girls Conference – a one-day event for teen girls (and their mom’s, friends or female ministry leaders).  During this event, girls enjoy worship, fellowship, experiences, and a simple message:  True beauty is from the inside out, from a heart in love with God.

Find out more about these ministry events at Harvest Conferences .org.


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