One Of The Most Often Asked Questions At Our Troy, IL Conferences


Our church hosts several conferences and training events each year.   This year, teams will put together discipleship weekend events for all ages – a kids conference, a women’s conference, a girls conference, a high school conference, a jr. high conference and a ministry leaders conference with Bill Easum.  We have a major event on average of once a month and the most asked question when guest come to our church?

Where do you get these tables?


We purchase high top folding tables and then buy various colors of spandex covers. They work great for setting around on Sundays for hospitality, for event registration, info table / booths for after church sign ups  or even as an podium.


Most of our church staff can attest to the fact that we get many questions about these tables.  In some ways it’s humbling – we spend months setting up events, national speakers, great food, lots of set up, and then people walk in and ask – where do get tables like these? Honestly, we don’t mind being asked this question.  Sometimes in jest, I tell people we should just order a few extras so people can purchase them at events!

We probably won’t do that, but I have included the links here for you in case you really are interested:

High top folding table

Spandex fitted coverings



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