Fire-Up Conference 2013

Fire-Up 2013 will begin tonight!  I’m looking forward to another weekend of inviting kids to experience Christ and to follow him with all they are!

I’m praying for the speaker, for Harvest, for the host families, for the leaders from the church, for the tech team, for the sound team, for the seminars, for the small groups, for the church, for the students who will be coming, for the core team, for the host team, for the communication and logistics, for the youth leaders who bring students, and for the homes and schools these students are from.  I also pray for the people who will experience the love of Jesus this weekend.  I pray for grace to cover those areas that may not be together.

I pray for the stories and the testimonies that will come from the lives of the students over the years – for the way that the message will shared and for those who will hear it.  I’m praying for eternal difference and impact.

It’s been a fun journey over the last 17 years of hosting Fire-Up and I believe that this weekend will have it’s own unique aspect.

Sowing seeds!  It’s a blast.

Illinois Youth Worker Network




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