Find Time To Read With This One Easy Step

time to read

We all know how much reading helps move us forward. It gives new ideas, helps us gain clarity on life issues and is nearly imperative for anyone who needs to stay fresh serving in a ministry role.  Most ministry leaders I know read quite a bit.  But, I also have heard that people buy far more books than they actually ever read!

Last year, someone challenged me to read a book a week.  I took the challenge and did it.  This year, I have increased to two a week – so far so good.  I have a post about why leaders should be readers and a list of book recommendations from last year.  I also just read a great post from Michael Hyatt about the benefits of reading.

If you want a fool proof way to find time to read in one easy step, here it is:

Put down your device on which you are probably currently reading this blog post, and pick up a book.  Right now. Or if you read or listen to books online, stop checking your social media sites and start reading your current book. That’s it. I’m 100% confident that you will read more with this one easy step. Good luck.

At the risk of this blog post being too short to be taken seriously, I have some other articles here for you.


How to buy a book or get one from the library.

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How to start reading your book now.

Listen to a book in your car on on your device while exercising.

Did these links not work? That’s because they were made up, as you should already be off your device and reading your book.

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