Fall Retreat Schedule for Sr. High

ministry event schedules

Maybe I’m weird, but I love to see the schedules for retreat weekends and camps.  It gives me ideas for planning our own events. So, here’s the schedule for our recent church Sr. High Retreat.  I was privileged to go along for the ride and to help lead worship.  Our youth pastor did an incredible job of organizing the retreat weekend!  There was a group of 25 who attended, 18 of whom were high school students.


4:00 pm – load up at church

4:30 pm – leave

5:30 pm – stop for supper (church paid)

7:30 pm – arrive at Pinecrest Camp and unload

8:30 pm – opening session (music, overview of Three Simple Rules)

10:00 pm – games, swimming, etc.

11:30 pm – lights out


7:30 am – morning devotion (led by students)

8:00 am – breakfast (in dining hall)

9:00 am – session – music, Three Simple Rules, Small groups

10:00 am – ropes course (led by camp staff)

12:00 pm – lunch (dining hall)

1:30 pm – archery as a group (led by camp staff)

3:00 pm – free time

5:00 pm – supper (in dining hall)

6:00 pm – session – music, Three Simple Rules, Small groups

8:00 pm – free time, swimming, games, etc

11:00 pm – head to bed and lights out


7:30 am – devotion led by students

8:00 am – breakfast (in dining hall)

9:00 am – morning worship, final session and communion – sign each others Three Simple Rules Books

10:30 am – hike, hang out, play games

11:30 am – pack up, clean up

12:00 pm – lunch (in dining hall)

1:00 pm – leave camp

3:30 pm – arrive back at the church

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