Family Ministry Event Schedule Idea

We just got home from a great ministry event in Paducah, KY. I have often posted schedules of events for other leaders to get ideas.  Here’s the schedule from this family ministry evening: 4:00 – 5:30 pm  Inflatables, family pictures, popcorn, games in parking lot, activities, crafts, open to public to come to the church … Read more

Fall Retreat Schedule for Sr. High

Maybe I’m weird, but I love to see the schedules for retreat weekends and camps.  It gives me ideas for planning our own events. So, here’s the schedule for our recent church Sr. High Retreat.  I was privileged to go along for the ride and to help lead worship.  Our youth pastor did an incredible … Read more

Mission Trip Ideas

If you are interested in arranging your own short mission trip for the students (or adults) in your church, here are a couple simple, but awesome things we took part in over the summer. Love Packages, Butler, IL This ministry focus is sending old and unused Sunday School curriculum and other resources to places … Read more

Have you done a Youth Week?

I used to hear about youth weeks all the time – especially in the southern part of the United States.  I think they are still out there, but don’t seem as prevalent.  If I had to describe a youth week it would be a combination of revival, mission and community all wrapped around local ministry … Read more

Generations Camp Schedule

I’ve been going through a little pile of stuff that always ends up in my backpack during week in and week out summer ministry events.  I thought I might post some of the schedules that we have had this summer.  This particular event was a weekend long family camp, formerly called, “Grandparents Camp” and recently changed to, … Read more

Summer Schedules

Every summer my schedule is pretty full leading music at camps, churches and events.  Through the years, I have talked with youth pastors and other ministry leaders who seem to have just as full of a schedule. In the last few weeks I’ve heard of one person moves to the camp full time in the summer and … Read more

Fall Kick Off Ideas for Student Ministry

Do something new this fall to get students excited. Connect with a couple other youth groups to create critical mass for an event. Invite families from your church to participate. Hype it up. Teach students to invite friends. Make sure to get connected with their friends when they do attend. MUDFEST – The first Wednesday … Read more

Ideas for Ministry Events

One of the primary purposes for the existence of Harvest Ministry Teams is to be a resource to the church.  We have served in several styles of events and here are some samples of the schedules / ministries.  We would love to partner with you and help in any way this year.  If you would … Read more