Don’t Get Out Of The Habit

It doesn’t take long to change a routine. Do something every day for a couple months and suddenly it seems you’ve done it forever!

We’ve passed the three-month mark of the 2020 global pandemic. In our home state, we’re moving into the fourth of five stages, which opens a few more doors.

What new habits have you begun? Which good habits have taken a backseat?

Here are a few for our church folks…

Don’t get out of the habit of attending worship with your church

Watching online services when you want is convenient. But do your best to stick with your routine of “attending” and worshiping with your church congregation. Get ready on Sunday morning and watch the live service with everyone else. Keep the habit of meeting with others strong for when we can get back together.

Don’t get out of the habit of giving

Giving is a crucial element in worship and discipleship. Keep up with the habit by giving automatically or continuing to mail your tithes and offerings. Giving is tied to discipleship because it’s a constant reminder that we trust in God alone and not in our strength. We can’t serve both God and money, so we choose to give away the thing that can hold us so tightly.

Don’t get out of the habit of prayer

Keep praying each day! Pray for your family, friends, and neighbors. Pray for the church and leaders. Pray for the nation. Prayer for needs on the prayer list at church.

Keep new habits

What new habits do you want to keep as we begin the process of going back to normal? Pick one or two from these ideas:

  • Eat out only once a week.
  • Connect with neighbors more often.
  • Keep up on the garden.
  • Read a book a week.
  • Commit some of your newfound time to volunteer in ministry.
  • Keep a daily routine of scripture reading.
  • Use extra money to help support a mission or ministry.
  • Talk a walk every day.

What habits are you sticking with or beginning?

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