Christian Disciple Farm

The Christian Disciple Farm is a unique and rewarding experience.  By day, Harvest joins 115 other people as volunteer staff leading a camp for special needs kids and their families.  By night, we serve as the worship team for the staff and leaders at a sister event called the Christian Disciple Festival.  The afternoon and evening is basically a church camp schedule, with free time for activities, dinner, worship and late night options.  There’s not much sleep during CDF, but Harvest always loves the week.

The leader for this event is a guy named Ken.  I know of few lay ministry leaders living a life with as much risk taking adventure.  Ken and his wife have transformed their farm into a camp for special needs kids.  Their heart for them is genuine and the need is personal because of their son who is confined to a wheelchair.  The week is amazing!  Students and leaders serve as “buddies” to the campers.  Their days are filled with horseback riding, fishing, rock wall climbing, painting, snacks, bible lessons and music.  Music is where I come in – I spend the time teaching kids on a variety of permanent outdoor instruments such as drums, chimes, bells, and marimbas.

Additionally, Ken is inspiring because he has a heart for young adults.  He has systematically invested his vacation time in leading ministry events for this age group.  Each year, he leads two spring break trips toTexas, a summer spiritual retreat to the Rockies, a fall spiritual retreat to Kentucky and a summer mission week called Northwoods in addition to the weeks he hosts camps at his farm. This summer, he added a new component of 6 interns who lived with his family to help with these ministry projects.  To accommodate, he added onto his farmhouse and invited 9 people to “join” his family.

It’s amazing to talk with him. He always has ideas and a vision for ministry.  It’s a reminder that God leads his people in amazing ways.  And uses every day people to serve in unique and powerful ways when we follow him.

I’m finishing up this post because camps are arriving and it’s time to get to work.


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