10 Characteristics of Church Staff


The church staff is a unique team, called upon to wear many hats, be available and to ultimately be a coach – helping the church be the church.  Here are ten characteristics of church staff ministers:

1. FLEXIBLE – Church staff members needs to be flexible – filling in where needed, setting aside personal agendas for the greater mission, and open to new ways of accomplishing the mission.

2. FRIENDLY –  Friendly toward the community, toward the others on the staff, towards the church, toward his family.

3. FUELED – Fueled through scripture, prayer and a reminder of her calling.

4. FOCUSED – Able to accomplish a project by focusing on the task at hand.  Able to arrange life and schedule to put first things first and to be beneficial to the church.

5. FAITHFUL – Faithful to God, to your spouse, to your church, to your commitments, and to your call.

6. FORGIVING – Forgive others as your Father has forgiven you.

7. FORWARD THINKING – Every church staff member must have a vision for the future of their ministry.  Always be thinking about the outcome and the long haul.

8. FRANK – This is troublesome, frankly.  Kind-hearted church staff members have trouble optimizing moments of kingdom building, frank conversation.  Do you have a volunteer who needs to hear a word of correction of instruction?  A staff team member who needs to be reminded of the mission. Be comfortable and lovingly frank with your staff and volunteer teams.

9. FARMER –  Always be sowing seeds for a future harvest.  Who in your ministry are you investing in for future ministry leadership?  Where do you need to water or harvest?  It’s God who does the growing, but we are tending to the fields.

10. FUN – Church staff members need to have fun.  Is there laughter in the office?  Is joy present?  Is there fellowship among the staff?


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