Brunch and Community Christmas Concert

My seven year old daughter had two invitations to sing yesterday.  In the morning she sang two songs for the Christmas Ladies Brunch at our church.  There were about 100 in attendance and she sang one song we wrote called, He’s a Savior and One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture.  It was a really fun morning and everyone thought it was neat having a little girl do the special music.  It also fit nicely with the theme which was faith like a child.

In the evening, we took a trip to another church that invited her to sing for their annual community Christmas concert where they raise money for an orphanage in Mexico.  We sang two songs there too – both of them original.  It was a packed house! I have no idea how many people were in attendance, but we were sitting in extra chairs in the back, and the balcony was full too!  My daughter loved singing and I thought it was fun to play the music.  We also loved having supper with the pastor beforehand.  First time my daughter has ever had an egg roll.

That about wraps up the fall family booking engagements.  She did music for a church on a children’s Sunday back in October, she was asked to sing for a food pantry benefit concert in our community in November and then these two events in December.  Outside of these special events, now all she has going is the Christmas Dinner Theater next week at our church.

Kids these days… they love microphones!


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