Are You Inventing, Improving or Innovating?

These three words, all slightly different, get people’s attention.  When we are improving, innovating, or inventing the new – the organization gets a breath of fresh air. All three of these words indicate that there is life and that something is happening.

Here are the slight differences between the three:

Innovation is the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technology or ideas that are accepted by society. Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a new idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different (Lat. innovare: “to change”) rather than doing the same thing better. [Wikipedia Info]

So, what is your organization doing today to be innovative?  What are you seeking to grow, change, improve?  It’s sort of a catch 22.  Momentum often comes once we do something new.  However, it takes some degree of momentum to take the needed risk to make a change.

You’re hired and paid by your church, company or organization to help them move forward and lead them.  Think of new ways, new innovations, new strategies and new improvements that can be done without any money involved. This is a good practice on a daily basis.  These non-expensive ideas (outside of what they are paying you – which is already quite an investment) will probably be the most effective and lasting things you will bring to the organization.

Invent a new way of doing something.  Improve on something you are doing.  Innovate new ideas, thoughts and ways of helping your organization move forward!


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