A Pastor’s High Priority: Development Of Leaders

Which takes up more of your time: doing or developing?

The primary role of pastors and staff is to “equip the saints for the work of the church.” But if you’re like me, the days become filled with getting the job done, leaving little time to develop and build others.

I just listened to the most recent interview from Carey Nieuwhof and found it to be inspiring and clear.

If a pastor or staff member were to take their job description and place each item into a “do” column and a “develop” column then there is a good chance their list would be really lopsided.

What does it take to develop people?  Here are three aspects:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Onboarding / Initial Training
  3. Equipping and Empowering

Each of these must be centered on the mission and grounded in relationship.

Another way to look at this is to ask if you are buying ministry leaders or building ministry leaders?  There are times when we probably need to bring someone in from the outside to help change the culture, but a healthy church should be reproducing leaders to take responsibility. Many roles can be done through quality lead volunteers.

Volunteer development is different that volunteer placement.  Every leader in the church – paid or not paid – should be equipping people and helping to build ministry leaders.

Here are some simple steps to take today:

  1. Pray for people you can begin to develop
  2. Write down some areas of ministry you would like to see led by someone else besides yourself
  3. Pick one area and create a system for how people can become involved in it
  4. Make a goal to meet one on one with a different leader in your church each week for the next month.

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