A New Tradition Has Begun.

My two year old went absolutely crazy at the first sign of Christmas lights on houses this year. She couldn’t contain her pointing and screaming at each site. As we typically do, we took a drive to look at Christmas lights one evening while she was snacking on small bowl of cheerios.

A few nights later, we took the long way home after shopping to look at more lights. As we drove through the subdivisions, my daughter started asking for cereal! The request came so persistently that we finally had to pull off at the grocery store and go in to buy some cereal for a snack.

About a week later, we were out driving around again, this time about an hour from home – when she began to notice Christmas lights! And once again shouted from the back – cereal! We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t have any cereal, but again, after a very persistent and systematic appeal, we stopped off to purchase a box of Cheerios from the store. She was elated.

We finally put two and two together to realize that our daughter, based on her first great experience, loves to snack on a small bowl of cereal while she enjoys Christmas lights. We now keep a small bowl of cereal in the car for the special occasions.

But, I can’t wait for next year… and the next. This is a fun tradition I am going to try and keep going. Set up the tree, eat dry cereal while looking at christmas lights, attend Candlelight services, get together with family, and give gifts.

Here’s the essence of tradition: experiencing something great and repeating it.

Sometime traditions get a bad name. People want to move away from them. People get tired of them. People don’t want to get in a rut.

It’s true that you can’t live on someone else’s great experience from many years ago – but you can have a great experience for yourself through the traditions that are set. And you can watch for the new experiences that might become a tradition for you.

Traditions. Enjoy them this year. Have fun with your family, your church and your friends. Remember, you don’t have to do the traditions, you get to.

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