A Great Weekend

This past weekend with Harvest was really fun.  We finished Epworth Jr. Camp on Friday afternoon.  It was a tremendous week of ministry with kids, high school counselors (CITs) and adults.  We loved being a part of it.  On Friday night, we got to spend the evening at the Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon, IL.  We began with some games and music, then moved into a time of worship and message.  The students, ranging in age from 13-21, we really receptive to the message.  Following the worship time, we had pizza and got to hang out. 

On Saturday, we were scheduled to sing at Raging Rivers in Grafton, IL.  It was storming in the morning, so, we delayed heading up there.  When we arrived, it began raining.  After killing some time driving through Grafton and almost heading back home, we pulled over at a gas station and Bonnie prayed that we would know whether or not to set up all the stuff even with the threat of rain or if we should just head back home.  We drove back to Raging Rivers, decided to set up and it was a perfect day from then on!  We enjoyed sharing God’s love with all the folks there and we enjoyed lunch and swimming afterwards.

This morning we led worship at Troy United Methodist Church.  Ruby and I also got to sing a special song for Fathers Day.  It was really a great weekend and gave me a great sense of the mission.  The Harvest mission was fulfilled, to equip people for ministry and to provide a resource to the church.  But I also am convinced that the Great Commission is being fulfilled as we share in various places around the region!  I love it.

A huge thanks to the leaders at Epworth Jr. Camp, Max and Carol Pigg for housing the team this weekend, to Troy UMC for their hospitality, to Bobby and the Children’s Home and Dave and Raging Rivers!  Blessings!

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