A Great Prayer

The_Principle_of_the_Path__87586_zoomJust finished reading The Principle of The Path by Andy Stanley.  This book is good for any age, but especially for young adults.  The  big idea from this book is that that each choice you make leads you down a particular path, with a destination.  Direction trumps intention every time.

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Why is it so difficult to think about where small choices will eventually lead us?  There are many reasons including a desire for happiness at any cost, true ignorance and the list goes on.

Solomon, the wisest person who ever lived, was able to articulate the need for understanding the principle of the path.

Here’s a great prayer you can pray:

Lord, help us to see trouble come a long way before it gets here. And give us the wisdom to know what to do about it. (based on: Prov 27:12)



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