Church Marketing – You Believed Because of That?

We all know there are times when the marketing of a product is much better than the product itself.  Those times are both disappointing and expected.  But its often reverse for the church – the marketing not only doesn’t clearly describe what the church is and offers, it might even have a negative impact.

I love the little phrase from Jesus in John 1 – “You believe because of that?  Well, you are going to see far more amazing things”.

I’m not a church marketing guru, but we need to believe and share that message – that we will see greater things through Christ. We need to tell it – in powerful ways.

The church has an opportunity to “market” something that will help people engage in life transformation, intentional purpose, eternal promise, and true community.

A google search of “church marketing” will lead one to several websites for direction.  But, I’m betting that if you clarify what you want your presentation to the community to look like, there will be someone in your congregation who can help move your church to a new level.    

Jesus said, “You believe[g] because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.” – John 1:50


One Prerequisite to Strong and Healthy Congregations

What does your church building say about God?

Are you a visionary or historian?  

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