Why I Love the Light Kids Conference…

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One day a year, grade school kids all over Illinois put everything on hold to attend The Light Kids Conference. This one day event, hosted in three different locations, is designed to energize kids in faith! Through music, interactive lessons, recreation, hands on experience in missions, Bible Buzz, entertainment and fellowship, the love of Jesus and His word are shared.

Children in first – fifth grade are invited to attend along with their ministry leaders (children must have an adult with them). The Light, which is held in three locations around Illinois in the Spring. For current dates and locations, please visit www.kidsconference.org or you may call 618-667-6241 or email tim@harvestministryteams.com.

I get excited thinking about hundreds of kids around the Midwest, growing up in the faith and having good memories of being in worship with the larger church. There are typically around 750-800 children in attendance (divided among the three sites) and the impact of that kind of energy is astounding! I believe that kids need to experience God’s love through individuals at church and at home on a daily and weekly basis. But, after 11 years of the annual Light Kids Conference, I would also add this one shot event to the list! It can’t replace daily discipleship, but it can make a difference in the receptivity of children to the gospel message!

For more information about the Light Kids Conference, visit www.kidsconference.org.

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