6 Reasons to Attend a Training Event

conference and eventI recently returned home from a three day ministry and leadership conference.  Pulling away and investing time in a training event is a great way to become sharper and more energized.

Traveling to this event reminded me of some important reasons to attend a conference or other equipping event:

1) Create a get-away from the normal routine – We can easily become dull in the mundane routine.  An equipping event helps sharpen us.  This time, I also took my family with me and we had a great for a couple days before the event.

2) Connect with like minded people – Being around people who are in your boat is encouraging.  The conversations are good and it’s great to see others who are involved in similar ways. Networking is powerful.

3) Collect new thoughts and ideas from the presenters – A great conference will spur you on with new ideas, thoughts and concepts.  Even a so-so event will help you learn. Always be expectant to pick some great stuff.  Soak up all you can and make notes.  Seek to apply as much as you are able.

4) Compare current systems and work style to what might be more effective – There is probably always a better way to do what you are doing.  And sometimes, it just takes a moment of experiencing it a little differently.  Be on the look out to increase the effectiveness in your own organization.

5) Compile notes on hosting a conference or training event –  I spend many weekends hosting training and equipping events, so attending another person’s conference allows for me to get new ideas.  I always make notes in the margins about how they present, how their team works together, how they extend hospitality, and other creative ideas.

6) Commit to tweaking my own organization – I always try to find the two or three things that I can transfer to my life and work right now, to be implemented immediately.  Transfer ideas that will work in your context and expand on them.  I also like to make sure I share information and concepts with others on my team.  Optimally, taking members of your team with you will provide the best conversations!

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a conference or training event recently, find one and register today.  It’s a critical part of your growth plan.


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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Attend a Training Event”

  1. Hey Tim where do you find conferences that are really good, but that would not break the budget? I’ve been looking, but after adding up all the costs. The budget is well in doubt spent and that is going to the cheap route on everything.

  2. Cody, thank for the comment and question. It’s not easy to find great conference that don’t cost much, but, keep trying. You can learn something even if it’s a local conference that doesn’t cost much money. You can also really benefit if you can take one or two people from your church with you. The conversations are great. Think of investing money into the ministry by investing in your growth. Find ways to budget in advance for attending equipping events. Make a proposal to your pastor or board. God does his work through people and it’s important to grow in skill and knowledge as you lead your church or ministry. I could send you a few ideas of conferences if you’d like to email me: tim@harvestministryteams.com.

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