10th Best Way To Be Healthy?

top-10We’ve created a basic list of the top ten ways to be healthy.

1. Read Scripture and Pray – Every day.

2. Good Sleep – Go to bed early and wake up early.

3.  Eat Right – And drink lots of water.

4. Exercise – Every day.

5. A positive attitude – Develop the habit of a good outlook on life.

6. Take adventures – every chance you get.

7. Get along – with your parents, family and friends.

8. Declutter – your house, car, room, office and schedule.

9. Attend Church – every week.

10.  __________________________________________

What would you say is the tenth best way to be whole and healthy?  What’s one more thing needed on this list to live a healthy life?  How would you fill in the blank?


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4 thoughts on “10th Best Way To Be Healthy?”

  1. 10th – Love yourself and acknowledge and share the gifts God has given you. Difficult to love others if you haven’t accepted your own value in this world.

  2. 10. honor the sabbath. take a day off to focus on God and family. use it to rest your mind body and refresh your soul.

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