A faithful servant is one whom the master can trust to accomplish the basics and make a difference. We find this image in a few different parables Jesus told. The parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 is one example. Another example is Luke 12:42-48.

When the master returns to find everything in working order, the servant who had been left in charge is rewarded. The master gives him a promotion and puts him in charge of everything he owns.

Jesus also teaches what happens if that servant says, “My master won’t be home for some time. I can slack off and do things later,” misuses the property, treats others unfairly, or parties instead of caring about the outcome of keeping things together as a steward for his master. Those who know the right thing and refuse to do it will be punished severely. The punishment will be less harsh for those honestly don’t know the right thing.

When someone has been given much, much will be required.


Each of us has been entrusted with so much. This is not limited to wealth. This is about a blessed life – having the grace of God in our hearts. God gives us abilities and opportunities to use our lives and passions to help others, offer hospitality at any level, or love someone unconditionally.

What things in your life resonate with this verse: To whom much is given, much is required?


Here are two things I’ve been thinking about with this passage:

1) Manage Well

Verse Luke 12:42 says: “the responsibility of managing his household … and feeding them.” That’s pretty basic – not a huge list of priorities. It’s a simple vision without lots of direction. Part of managing, feeding, and keeping things straight is learning how to make things happen with the abilities and gifts you have. Prioritize the most important things and take care of them. Help others accomplish the work with you.

2) Be Ready For The Master’s Return

Align your life in such a way that you are always reminded of God, the Master, and his return. This is one simple reason corporate worship is an important part of the weekly rhythm of life. It’s a consistent reminder that everything we have is God’s. It gives us an opportunity to thank God and reminds us to use his gifts.

Don’t spend your time trying to do just enough to get by. Live fully engaged as a steward of all God has entrusted to you. Then you don’t have to wonder when – you will always be ready.

One thing we can count on – the Master will return. And when he does, what will you be doing?

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.

Luke 12:48b NLT

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