You Need Advisors

 advise“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success.” Proverbs 15:22

What new thing are you getting ready to put together?  What advice have you gathered?  Who on your team is offering wisdom?

Scripture teaches that we need advisors for things to succeed!  Become intentional…

1)  Meetings to bounce ideas around – invite someone to visit with you to share ideas about something new.

2) Talking with someone who has walked the road before – are you embarking on a new journey – someone has already done that!  Find someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and visit with them.

3) Host a one time meeting with trusted leaders – gather advice, get ideas,  invite people to have a voice in your project, your idea or your life.

4) Invite others who are more gifted or more experienced than you to join you – invite the right people to be on your team for the new project or idea.

5) Accept advise from those older and those younger – there will always be someone who has experience you haven’t had, or gifted in ways you can’t do it.  Look for advisors in a variety of places.

Gather advisors (people love to be asked), learn to receive advice well and as the Bible says, plans will succeed when wise people speak into our lives!


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