What Reading Great books Can Do!

I try to read lots of books. Sometimes, I get newer books – at a conference, event, or bookstore. Most often I get them from our local library. I also still have a huge shelf full of books that I’m trying to get through, though I think I’m adding them to the bunch as quickly as I go through them.

Each year, I try to read about a book a week and post a list on my blog. You can take a look at those lists here.

Just recently, I ran across a book by Chip Ingram called Good To Great in God’s Eyes. He included these ways great books can enhance your life.

But, before we start, the best book to read is the Bible. God chose to reveal himself through several books – 66 of them – the Holy Scriptures. It shapes us and changes us.

Here’s a short list of why it’s good to read books:

Great Books Broaden Your World

You can’t go everywhere – but you can see the world from the perspective of reading.

Great Books Sharpen Your Mind

Every time I read a good book I get a little glimpse into how the author thinks. These various perspectives – even if I don’t always agree – help sharpen my mind.

Great Books Inflame Your Heart

A good book will call you to action. You will talk about it with others and it will connect emotionally to something you’re dealing with or going through.

Great Books Develop Your Skills

You can grow in skill as you read books. Authors can teach you, much like mentoring, from where they are. These skills can be learned from others at very little cost and transcend geography, often even time!

You can pick up a copy of the book here!

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