What a walk can do…

walkIf it’s a nice night and we are home, we typically take a walk around the neighborhood.  Last night was a perfect night to do so.  It was a beautiful night as spring emerges in the Midwest.  My two girls actually rode their scooters as we went around the block.  I began reflecting on what good a simple walk does on many levels:

1)  In this case, it gave my wife a few minutes of quiet in the house, alone.  She was able to get things in order and take a breather from the day.

2)  It provided exercise and activity for me and them.

3)  We got to talk with two different neighbors as we made our way around the block.

4)  I had the chance to compliment my daughters on their scooter speed (after being asked to count how long it took to get from one mailbox to the next).

5)  When my youngest fell down off her scooter, I got to help her and carry her scooter the rest of the way home.

6)  I didn’t have my phone with me, so we had uninterrupted time to talk and wonder.

7)  One neighbor asked if we “take a walk every night” and I got a chance to reflect on the fact that people notice and watch us.

It may not be a huge deal, but it’s one little blessing from a big long day.  I was grateful going around the block.  Most of the time, life moves so fast, we don’t even consider the need to slow down. I feel blessed and praise the Lord for little things.


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