We Love You, Tim!

I opened my inbox and there it was – a message from Vista Print: “We Love You, Tim!” I thought it was hilarious; an online printing place sending me such a personal note.

Though I thought it was funny, it made me think about the communication we send to people. Is the church that bold? Are we that creative? Love is the foundation for the Christian faith. It’s the one characteristic that will allow people to know if we are His disciples.

I guess when we take food baskets to families in need, we are saying we love them. When we offer ministry to children and youth for the sake of their souls for eternity, I think we are saying we love them. But this little statement caused me to think about the generosity of love – like was modeled to us on Christmas! God loved us so much that he gave his only son… a baby, born for us. Jesus. This kind of generous love makes me want to send emails to the world that say the same thing: We love you, ____________! There are people around us who need that.

So, thanks Vista Print! I would like to say, I love you guys too. You just gave me free shipping and fifty percent off of a 10,000 count postcard order. And you reminded me of the greatest love: God’s love, through his son Jesus.

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