Volunteer Motivator: Mission & Vision

There are many factors to volunteer motivation, including vision, mission, invitation, success, ownership, connection, belonging and satisfaction. This post is on mission and vision as a motivator.

Probably more than the others, these two aspects work in reverse.  When there isn’t a vision, people wain.  As Proverbs says, without vision the people perish. If there isn’t a clear mission, it’s hard for people to stay motivated.

How can you keep volunteers motivated with vision and mission?

1)  Keep the mission and vision in front – As Bill Hybels is famous for saying, “vision leaks”.  It can’t be a once a year message, it must be ongoing.  Keep the main thing out in front through words, through print, through reminders in all the ways you can.

2) Live into it – What is your vision and mission?  Begin to live that way now.

3) Give them opportunities to share it with others – When you share a mission or vision with other people, it requires you to know it yourself.  The more you “teach it” the better off you are equipped to live it out. Give you people a chance to tell the vision.

4) Help people see how they’re work contributes to the big picture – Every worker – paid or volunteer – wants to see fruit of their work as it relates to the vision.  Is what they are doing making a difference in the end?  This is especially true of volunteers.  Are the hours they are investing making a difference? Is it worth it?

5) Transfer volunteer loyalty to the mission & vision – The best way for volunteers to be committed to the ministry or organization is to  have a clear vision.  There is always change in the volunteer force when a leader leaves, but good volunteers will be encouraged to stay if the vision is the driving force and they are committed to it.


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2 thoughts on “Volunteer Motivator: Mission & Vision”

  1. Great list, Tim. I’d add this:

    The vision must be clear and understood by everyone. Too often we dream up vision statements full of complex, insider-lingo. The pastors understand it fine, but the congregation is a little fuzzy. Can’t follow very well something you don’t understand.

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