To Youth Workers in Illinois

letter to ilym

Thank you for your ministry and work with the next generation through the local church.  I praise God for you!  You are making a difference.  If you spend any time at all reading blog posts and other resources, there seems to be more experts on youth ministry than there are actually people doing it – but ministry to students is still alive and well… and needed!  There are still people being called to it, there are people who are serving full time (volunteer or paid), and there are people who have done it for life.

Most importantly, lives are being changed.  For those students who come from Christian homes, you are adding another voice and partnering with their parents to help set for them a Biblical world view and a faith-filled life in Jesus.  For those students who are not from Christian homes, you are leading the way as the church surrounds them with the message and teaching of Christ.

We may not have student ministry all figured out, but it doesn’t mean we need to stop. There is a need now, more than ever, for students to have relationships with adults who are disciples of Jesus.  It’s more important than ever for God fearing adults to rise up an serve in ministry to students.  In addition to folks who serve on the front lines of student ministry, we need senior pastors and leaders to take risks for student ministry – making it a high priority.  We need adults and parents who will step forward.  We need people who will fund it and pray for it.  We need to continually make it a focus in our church and in the community.

Since I was in seminary, I have sensed that God was leading me to help students and student ministry workers throughout Illinois. Over the years, this thought has stayed with me.  In a variety of different ways, I have sought to partner with and serve youth workers.

There are two purposes for this quick post: 1) to connect (if we haven’t) and 2) to make sure you know about events, dates and resource coming up!


Tim Price | Harvest Ministry Teams | 407 Edwardsville Road | Troy, IL 62294 | 618-667-6241 ext 14

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Here are some of the conferences for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  We are in the process of changing the Harvest Website this month, so some of this information won’t be available until later in the fall.

hc-logoIgnition Middle School Conference – October 23-24 | Troy, IL

The Well, A Youth Worker Gathering – hosted in six areas around Illinois

Kinmundy, IL – October 5

Greenvile, IL – October 6

Belleville, IL – October 7

Tremont, IL – October 12

Macomb, IL – October 13

Kankakee, IL – October 15

Fire-Up Sr. High Conference – February 26-28, 2016 | Troy, IL

Renovate Conference (Grades 6-12) February 12-13, 2016 | E. Moline, IL

The Light Kids Conference (Grades 1-5) – Washington, IL | March 5
The Light Kids Conference (Grades 1-5) – Marion, IL | March 12
The Light Kids Conference (Grades 1-5) – Troy, IL | March 19

Beautiful U Girls Conference (For teen girls) – Troy, IL | April 9



Youth Ministry Resources on the Blog

Training from The Well


Thanks again for your ministry.  I’m praying for you every Thursday morning. Keep up the good work!



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