Three Ways Communion Reaches Us Differently

Yesterday, I had written some thoughts from a quote I read.  It’s true. When communication becomes too familiar, people don’t listen as much. As I reflected some more, my thought turned to Holy Communion.  Is the same true for experience?  I wonder if that’s why Jesus attached powerful words of his last evening to food. Does the same experience (as opposed to just hearing) over and over breed apathy? The scripture says to remember Him as often as you do this.  But there’s something different about the communication of God’s grace through communion. Much like the powerful living scripture that speaks to us in different ways depending on where we are in our walk, our maturity, our ability to understand it, Holy Communion meets us each at different levels. At times, we experience the overwhelming grace of God.  That even in our sin – our sin today – he died for us. We remember this loving act.  At other times, we come broken, grieving, hurting and confused.  And as we receive it, we get a sense that Jesus, who has felt the same things, is near to us and with us.  At times, we may only be going through the motions, but even in this act of discipline, the Lord can meet us.  Sometimes it takes a little bit for us to recognize God at work, to experience what he is trying to teach or show us.  So, in a sense, through the mystical work of the Holy Spirit, even the way that God communicates with us is fresh and new on a regular basis.


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