This Picture Reminds Me Of Why I Love My Wife

I usually enter our house through the garage, but early this morning, I came in through the front door after taking our car to the shop.

Something about the porch caught my eye.  I couldn’t really pinpoint it right then, but I stepped back and took this picture.

Looking at this picture caused me to love my wife even more and here are some reasons why:

1)  Intentional – The welcome sign (on the left) is always changed, in season and fresh.  At Christmas, it’s a nativity.  In the fall, it’s harvest.  This one is for spring.  I love her mind to think of this simple little way to keep things up to date, fresh and welcoming for people. This plays out in lots of ways.

2) Generous – The bags pictured were left on the front porch to be picked up by a ministry in St. Louis that helps battered women. There’s a good chance that I would want to donate, but wouldn’t remember to put it out on the right day.  Not only is she generous, but she leads us all in that attribute.  We have the opportunity to give on several levels and I’m grateful.

3) Faithful – The palm tree on the left was given to us at church after Easter and it’s a reminder!  I’m so thankful that God led us together, that we have a Christian home and part of a great church. It’s awesome to be navigating life with a faithful Christian woman. And it’s fun to be in ministry together.

4) Partner – Continuing from left to right, if you look closely, you can see the reflection of the Harvest van in the window.  It’s amazing to think that we have been doing Harvest Ministry for all these years.  It’s been so fun to travel, minister, plan and figure out a non-traditional ministry like this!  She is gifted at all the support aspects that have helped make this happen.  We have a blast.

5) Nurturing – The plant on the right reminds me of my love for my wife because she has made me better.  She is great at planting things and keeping them going.  She loves to make sure the weeds are out.  I’m grateful for the way she leads the home school process and the fun that we have as a family growing in experiences, knowledge and grace.  Turns out, the plant in that pot is called a “never die.”  That represents the confidence I have in God and our commitment to one another.


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