There’s Always Enough Time To Do God’s Will

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Good stewardship of time hasn’t always been a top priority for me.  But I want to become better.

If there are some ways to shave off the time needed for things I have to do, I’ll be able to do more of the things I want to do. In my life, I usually find what I do as a job so enjoyable, it’s difficult sometimes to balance. My life work and hobbies are pretty similar, which at times makes it even more difficult.

But, like you, I find the most important aspects to life competing with some pretty non-essential schedule-filler-uppers.

I want to make the most important aspects have time to flourish.  The list below requires excellent stewardship and careful management of each minute.

  • I want to invest my time ensuring that my wife is cherished and loved and that we are building a quality life together.
  • I want to invest my time ensuring that my kids have a great, foundational, faith filled childhood.
  • I want to invest my time taking care of my health to reflect a life of honoring God’s holy temple.
  • I want to invest my time tending to my heart, reflecting a life lived for God, starting deep in my soul.
  • I want to invest time for my hands to use the gifts I have to further the mission and ministry of the kingdom.
  • I want to invest time for my mind to grow and be stretched through reading and thinking.

Here’s a quote by Nelson Searcy that has motivated me to double check my daily schedule:  “There’s always enough time in the day to do God’s will.”

When I find myself saying, “I’m out of time” or “I didn’t get to this or that” it causes me to stop and think.  In an age when options in our schedules are endless, we can easily fall victim to what others want.  What is it that God is calling you to do?  There is enough time for that.

On the backside of this statement, and even a more soul searching question:  If you don’t feel like you have enough time each day, what do you have in your schedule that shouldn’t be there?  There is always enough time in each day to do God’s will.

Jesus walked with an unhurried pace, yet He accomplished His mission each day.

I don’t think trusting God with our schedule always means we will be more productive in the sense of “work productivity.”  But I think kingdom things are accomplished and our lives are more focused and stronger because of trusting God with our time. Things like compassion, listening, caring, and conversations aren’t typically efficient, but we can trust that when God nudges us in that direction, there is always enough time for it.

There’s enough time each day to do God’s will.



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