The Sights Of Autumn… 

By Ruby Price, Age 13 – September 2018 (My daughter’s English writing assignment that really made me think about Fall! Hope you enjoy it!) – Tim 

I began to stir as the golden sunlight streamed through my window. I lay in bed unable to move as still in a deep sleep. After what seemed like forever, I urged myself to roll out of bed. I peered over at the calendar hanging on the wall and saw it was September 21, the first day of autumn.

I scrambled to pull my clothes on. I grabbed my boots and flew out the door.

The dried leaves crunched under my feet as I strolled into the yard. All around me I saw leaves of all colors float down as the morning breeze plucked them off the branches. They were colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown.

I then came upon our garden and saw rows and rows of brightly colored orange pumpkins accented by the pale yellow color of the butternut squash.

Later in the morning, as I started my daily jog, I passed through the apple orchard gleaming with crispy, crunchy and juicy red apples.

As I passed the cornfield, I saw the John Deere roar it’s engine to keep up with the strength of the stalks. I saw the corn particles flick up as the great combine rolled over the field.

I slowed my pace as our house came into view. Breathing hard, I plopped down on my front porch to cool off and noticed the sky was so deep it was the color of the ocean. As I took a deep breath, I marveled at all the sights in autumn.

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