Five Steps Church Leaders Need To Make The Complex Simple

A person with any ability can take something simple and make it complex. A real gift is taking something complex and making it simple.

It’s the job of pastors and ministry leaders to help make things as simple as possible for their organization and their people.

Here are five steps:


Pray for God to give you wisdom and clarity.

Define Reality

Pinpoint where you are and name it. Even if it’s a tough spot to be in, you must become self-aware of the true status of the church or the particular situation.

Break It Down

What are the different angles and issues around the complexity of it? Can you break down the problems into bite-sized, more manageable issues?  One clue to this is to separate people from the issue.  Relationships are always very important, but for the sake of trying to get clarity, one good exercise is to ask yourself how someone would handle the situation who didn’t know any of the people involved personally.

Gather With Others

Gathering wisdom from a group of people is a great way to help figure out how to simplify things. When you gather with the right team of people who understand the main mission and goal, you can get some insight into how to handle things. You can also learn so much by meeting with others and listening.

Create Systems

Systems help take the complex and make them simple. The system may not be totally perfect, but at least get something started and it can be tweaked as needed.  Creating systems allows everyone a chance to know what to do. Systems also objectify. Everyone understands how the system needs to work and this alone can help make things more simple in the long run.

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