The Road

The last two weekends, Harvest has had the privilege of serving in three different places.  It was great leading worship and speaking at Shiloh UMC.  I was glad to have Matt Renfro, Steve Stanko, Ryan Kennett and Bonnie Pocklington join me for the morning.  Between services, one guy came up to me and said that when he was a kid, he went to camp (around 1991) and I let him play my guitar.  Every once in a while, I hear stories like that and always fun to see those people later – walking in faith.  

We also led a revival at Murrayville, IL.  Chris Baron and Blythe Smith joined me for this trip.  It was a great night of meeting with the students before the service – great group and a great meal.  The congregation was lively and it was a blast.  Jeremiah Thompson was the speaker for the evening.  He gave a witness about his time as a missionary for two years.  

Last Sunday night, we headed to Blue Mound, IL.  The team for that night was me, Chase Weber, Josh Robinson and Mandi Mundhenk.  There were 77 kids plus leaders for the lock-in.  We have been part of that particular ministry for the last four or five years.  And it’s always fun to worship and play games with the students there.  The church pulls in a great team of adults, the snacks are always fabulous, and the Harvest Team always loves being a part of it!  

That’s a snapshot from the last two weekends.  I haven’t written much about the ministry trips lately, but we are still doing them and I still love doing it!

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