How can you inspire others to reach new levels instead of obeying through fear? By speaking greatness. Speaking greatness helps a person want to achieve great things in life and not disappoint the leader or coach.

What does speaking greatness require?  We must believe that each person is valued, loved by God, and created with immeasurable potential. We must look for the best in people and truly desire success for them. Scripture teaches that our tongues have power for life or death. We must use tongues for life with words that build up and encourage.

speaking greatness

I once ran across the acronym, THINK, which goes along with the idea of speaking greatness. Before speaking, THINK and ask yourself: Is what I plan to say True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind?

Speaking greatness has implications for parents, teachers, pastors, and leaders.  It’s relevant in business, church, education, and sports.  It’s both personal and public, powerful and simple, highly valued and free.  It’s one of the best tools you can use as you are helping to lift those around you to greater heights.

On a practical level, great words that we may offer to someone come from a great God!  The depth of compassion and care God has for his children is beyond measurable. We can be conduits of his great words for others.  Who might be potential recipients in your life? Let’s look at these six possibilities:

Situational Encounter

I once heard a story about an older gentleman who took honest interest in the name of a person working at motel registration desk.  In a matter of moments, the older man found out that this young twenty-something working the night shift had been named after her grandmother.  As he picked up his key card, he said, “I bet you are making your grandmother very proud. I’m sure you are living up to her name.”  This conversation was a risk, but it was powerful.

Acquaintance Relationship

You may have time to talk on a regular basis with someone you don’t know well. Encouragement can be a huge blessing.  You may only see the delivery driver once a week, but you have an opportunity to comment on his/her timeliness, friendliness, or great work ethic.  You may only marginally know your barber or bank teller, but you can speak greatness into them in quick moments.

Work Associate

We spend a large percentage of time with those in our workplaces, whether or not we would associate with them if we didn’t work together. That gives us opportunities to speak greatness. A colleague once told me in passing that he would love to have my job. It’s crossed my mind several times since. I do have a great job in life. He spoke greatness in that moment.

Personal Friend

Being a friend to others may give you insight into the great words they need to hear. Offer encouragement when things get tough. Speak greatness into them when they may not believe in themselves.  Someone unrelated thinking highly of you can make a world of difference. Speak greatness to your friends.

Family Bond

Brothers, sisters, parents, and others in the family will benefit from your self confidence in speaking greatness.  Deep down we want to see our family members succeed.  We are happy for them when things go well.  We are grateful for our natural and tight bond as family.  While it should be easy to speak greatness, too often we’re too close to see it, say it, or experience it. Too often, we are more generous with encouraging words outside the family structure.  Be generous speaking greatness at home.

Children may be the most important recipients of this gift of speaking greatness.  “You can do it,” “You did an excellent job,” and “You should consider doing something with your gift when you get older” are great ways to speak greatness into the lives of children. Asking them questions about the future also helps them grow.  I like to ask, “What’s your dream for life?”

Marriage Covenant:

Marriage gives you the opportunity to speak greatness into your spouse.  If you are a husband, let your wife know she is beautiful; you believe in her, trust her, and are thankful for her.  If you are a wife, encourage your husband’s strength, notice his success, and thank him for his help and partnership.  If we’re not careful, our marriage relationship has a tendency to become stale with few words of greatness.  Don’t let this happen.  If it already has, renew your commitment to see the best in your husband or wife and then state it often; be genuine and generous.

I originally got the concept of speaking greatness from Rod Olson’s book, The Legacy Builder.  You may also be interested in reading my summary of this book on the blog.

Speak greatness into the lives of your workers, team and family – be a flame fanner!


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