The Only U.S. National Holiday for a Preacher!

I heard someone say once that MLK day was the only National Holiday for a preacher. I think about it every time we roll around to Martin Luther King’s Birthday each January.  It’s inspiring to think, even with all the political hub-bub regarding the separation of “church and state,” that the second national holiday of the calendar year is for a man whose life career was a preacher.  Here are some thoughts:

1) If you want to make a difference, you do something, you don’t sit around and talk about how horrible things have gotten.

2) If the church wants to regain it’s mission to be a driving force, then it’s going to take the entirety of each congregation being willing to step out in real life ministry.

3) MLKjr challenged the way things were, but did so from the perspective of the human condition and no matter what people say about faith, they can’t deny the depravity of the human condition.

4) Then he brought in vision, hope and dreams – which inspired people to move forward and as we can see today, is still inspiring people!

5) Thanks USA for making this a holiday!

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