The New Two Month Summer

The summer is changing. It’s busier and it’s shorter. This has a ton of implications for student ministry, mission trips, and camps.

But it affects everyone. I noticed that Holiday World, one of our Midwest theme parks, is closed every weekday after August 3. I know there are some schools who go year round and such, but for the traditional model, it’s really become a two-month summer.

This may change how we plan things during the summer, but it for sure changes how we approach ministry for the fall.

Mentally, students and families turn their attention to the fall routine during the first part of August.

Students are booked with prep for sports, band or other extracurricular activities beginning as early as August 1!

You may be waiting until September to get things rolling, but your students and families end the summer, at least mentally, much earlier.

Here are three things you can do toward the end of the two-month summer:

Prep Your Leadership Teams

Now is the perfect time to meet with, inspire and encourage your student ministry leaders. If you have any new volunteer team members, you need to pull them in. Take some time to equip and train. [Take a look at this simple resource for training]

Celebrate The Summer Ministry

Take some time to celebrate the summer ministry. Post pictures, share reports, show videos, send thank you notes and write about your experience this summer!  Follow up with students who came to summer special events, invite them to a student ministry event this fall.

Do One New Thing This Fall

It’s easy to do what we did last year. Take some time to think of something new for this fall!  It doesn’t have to be big – just something new!  A new way of worship music, a new way of connecting with students, a new social media outlet for student ministry, a new kick-off event, a new t-shirt design, a new scripture theme verse, a new slogan or hashtag or a new ritual to end student ministry meetings, a new system for follow up, or a new prayer routine.

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