The Light Kids Conference

kids1The Light Kids Conference is coming up.  I love the Light Kids Conference because it’s a great opportunity to share the message of Christ with tons of kids.  We began the Light Kids Conference back in 2001.  My wife and I were driving to a family event and she was discussing the idea of having some kind of one day gathering for kids.  We decided on the name, the date and the format during that hour long drive.  The next spring, we hosted the event with about 75 children.

This year, we will be hosting this conference in three locations and if attendance is like last year, there will approximately 750-800 first – fifth graders and their leaders between the three days.

Each year we have a particular theme and this year is Stand By Me.  The sessions will be centered around three stories:  1) Moses as Aaron and Hur held up his arms so that Joshua would win the battle, 2) Paul’s confidence in the fact that Jesus was standing by him even during trials, and 3) that Jesus is standing by us – right now and as we walk through life.

We have recorded a new video for this event.  We have been praying for this series of kids conferences.  And we have been inviting kids, families and churches to attend.

If you happen to be reading this blog,  you’re in Illinois and you are in charge of a children’s ministry, gather them up and bring them to The Light Kids Conference!  March 2 – Peoria area //  March 16 – Southern Illinois // March 23 – St. Louis Area

For more information, visit or call 618-667-6241 ext 14.


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