The Chief Ecologist

5-StarI recently heard an interview with Lee Cockerell, author of Customer Rules.  He’s got some great information for everyone in the organization – from the top to the bottom – in regards to treating the customer with great service. Lee has spent over 40 years serving as a leader in hospitality, most recently for Disney.

Among the 39 rules in his book, one in particular intrigued me.  Rule #6 is to “Be an Ecologist”.  There’s plenty of talk about the natural environment –  conserving, recycling, and protecting.  Everyone wants to be green.  In the same way, we need people who are passionate about creating a great work environment.  This focus on creating a great environment starts at the top.

Indeed, the author referred to himself as the “chief ecologist” for his organization.  He held himself responsible to make sure people had what they needed – from encouragement, to the right atmosphere where everyone knows they matter.  He was the main environmentalist – using his authority and position to create a culture and environment where 65,000 employees wake up and come to work not because they have to, but because they want to.

The question to ask yourself – Are you making the culture of your organization better every day?  The culture you create for your people and for your team will determine how they interact with your clients and customers.  If you consider yourself to be the chief environmentalist for your staff, your church or your ministry, then it’s up to you to help create positive conditions for people to serve in.

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