Three Ingredients for Revival

lenHad the chance to hear Leonard Sweet speak this afternoon for a pastors conference we were leading.

He was talking about the importance of the story of the Gospel. He mentioned that before every revival throughout history, there are always three things that have taken place:

1) The church returned to the story. Tell me the stories of Jesus.  We may not be able to hold people’s attention with arguments about the Bible.  We may not be able to intrigue people with verses.  But, people want to hear the story of Jesus.

2) The church told the story in the language of the culture.  Our culture needs the narrative.  They need to experience and feel the story.  We need to return to both sides of the brain when sharing God’s word – not just thinking, but feeling.  We need to capture the hearts of listeners with the story.  The world wants it’s heart captured.

3) The church rediscovers Jesus.  Evangelism is never to come to church, it’s always to come to Christ.


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