Thankfulness Begins With Jesus First

thankfulnessI have enjoyed the devotional book, This Day With The Master by Dennis Kinlaw since this summer. The November 24 reading (which happens to land on Thanksgiving for this year) fits well for believers.

We’re invited to love Jesus supremely. The cross of Christ must so capture our heart, that anything else that rivals Jesus cannot tolerate being there.

The amazing thing is that when Jesus is first, we can love everything and everyone else better. This is the key to being genuinely loving and thankful: Jesus first in our lives. When this happens we begin to see:

A diminished self interest and focus
A more joyful outlook
A sense of gratitude for what we have
A better understanding of others
A more positive approach
A sense of purpose
A holy persistence through hard times
A willingness to listen
A bold and courageous heart

When we love Jesus with exclusivity, something interesting happens.  Our love for people grows. Our passion for life grows.  Our actions toward others line up with His. And our hearts are filled with thanksgiving in all circumstances. The world needs to experience people who love Jesus first.


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