Summer 2014

10440653_662956130457665_6589920275172367211_nWe are winding down the Harvest 2014 Summer Ministry.  This was our 19th summer season and it started off a little strange.  At some point in the early Spring, we realized that not many people had applied to serve on the team.  After praying, we decided to change the format.  Instead of one full time traveling team, we created the Harvest Core Team, which was comprised of Jessica, Emily and Tim.  Then, we took each individual event and invited people to join us.  It was amazing!

The summer took on a different tone as more people were able to be involved on a week by week basis.  It was really fun, powerful and amazing.  I’m grateful for the way Lord leads.

It’s always hard to sum up an entire summer of ministry!  There are so many songs sung, so many prayers prayed, and so many memories made.  I know that there is power in Christian community and ministry together.  I also know that the church is strong and alive.  The church is literally everywhere – making a difference in lives, in communities, in cities.  We witnessed so many outreach ministries first hand – from Master’s Hands, to Triple H and Three Nails and many others!

10472593_659551954131416_6314798373481892583_nWe’ve seen God at work in and through our lives.  I will forever be amazed at the way has used Harvest Ministry during these years to be a part of the kingdom.

We’re praying for the students and leaders.  For the seeds that were planted.  For the decisions made.  And for the ongoing work of the Church and Harvest Ministry.  Thanks to everyone who served this summer.  Thanks to each camp director and ministry event planner.  And thanks be to God for all the good that happened!

Here’s some info / highlights from the 2014 Harvest Summer.  If you have any more to add, feel free.



TEAM MEMBERS (during different events this summer)

10366285_652548224831789_1294725665381168212_nTheo  H. (Drums and Bass)

Tim L. (Drums)

Bonnie P. (Vocals)

Drew A. (Drums and Bass)

Joe K. (Guitar, Worship Leader)

Tyler L. (Drums)

Kim Przybylski (Bass, Vocals and Tech)

James D. (Drums)

Bobby D. (Drums and Bass)

Leanne W. (Vocals and Bass)

10500310_652547708165174_4483570950670668436_nJackson H. (Drums)

Trenton G. (Drums)

Tonnie S. (Tech, Crafts and Games)

Leah T. (Bass and Percussion)

Daniel S. (Sound and Video)

Sadie M. (Bass and Vocals)

Sarah B. (Sound and Video)

Dain C. (Drums)

Emily Gray (Vocals)

Jessica Przybylski (Tech, Speaking, Percussion)

Suzanne Price (Tech, Administration)

Matt  (Bass), Drew (Bass), Kirk (Drums), Mark (Drums), Clint (Guitar), Kaleb (Guitar), Evan (Percussion), Dave (Bass)

Special thanks to Christine F. for the hours she invests in the ministry!  The website, the admin, the planning – we couldn’t do it without her!


Training Week

Beulah UMC, Sumner, IL

Retirement Village, Lawrenceville, IL

10428486_643341569085788_1063129540266268120_nFledgling Camp, Louisville, IL

Masters Hands, Newton, IL

Catholic Charities, Effingham, IL

Generations Camp, Louisville, IL

Children’s Home, Mt. Vernon, IL

Jr. Camp, Louisville, IL

VBS, Mt. Carmel, IL

Epworth Sr. Camp, Louisville, IL

Vincennes Mission Week, Vincennes, IN

Beulah Jr. High, Eldorado, IL

Clay County Holiness Camp, Louisville, IL

Ministry Event, Silvis, IL

Crossville UMC, Crossville, IL

Mission Illinois, Makanda, IL

8609_646691522084126_2995789891764137047_nBeulah Holiness Camp, Eldorado, IL

Christian Disciple Farm, Sullivan, WI


Fish Hatchery

Garden of The Gods

Pizza – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Theo’s Jump

Effingham Walmart

Effingham Merry Go Around


A bear in the soda shop

Catholic charities

20 foot banana split

Taking down nine square in 3.57

Hero Street

Blue grass music at the park

A stop for ice cream

Fire works in Vincennes

Emmy G and Harvest DJ – Grams

Tim wearing a jacket at Epworth – all week.

Pontoon boat ride

Part-time homeschool art teach discount



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